Top 5 remarkable spots to visit in Japan


Toyami is one of the tamer cities in Japan. Nevertheless, the city is still worth visiting for its shrines, grand mountain view, and the Kansui Park.

The canal and bridge surrounded by two towers are the heart of the Kansui Park. Another great place to visit is Mount Yakushi – one of Japan’s most famous mountains.

The mountain is considered a national park, making it perfect to explore, have a picnic, and enjoy the scenery.

The Toyama Glass Art museum should top off your trip.

The glass art museum is a perfect way to view different glass sculptures and art crafted from glass throughout different exhibits.


Tucked away in the mountains of Niigata prefecture and close to the city of Nagaoka, this stunning village is one of our favourite tourist destinations in Japan!

Covered in rolling hills and deep valleys filled with terraced rice fields, this village is extremely picturesque and is still well off the beaten path.

You can get some of the best landscape photos in Japan, visit an alpaca farm, try the delicious local vegetables and even ride an e-bike all around the village.


Onomichi is the ideal vacation area in Japan for those who would like to remain active during their stay.

With activities such as cycling, exploring this small and underrated city becomes a lot more fun. The best areas for cycling are the expressway and Shimanami Kaido.

Another fun calorie-burning activity is the temple walk, which is just an entrancing and fun walk through the downtown streets of Onomichi.

Perhaps the most popular temple in Onomichi is the Kosanji Temple, which is somewhat a hidden gem of Japan.

The temple doesn’t have a long history, but still contains many fun activities and a walkthrough tour you are bound to enjoy.


When visiting Kobe, trying their world-famous beef is a must. You can even have it along with Ramen or other dishes.

Kobe could perhaps be the food destination highlight of your trip in Japan aside from Dotonbori.

Another street to visit in Kobe would be their version of Chinatown, which offers another great opportunity to try street food.

The Kobe City Museum is also a great way to explore the great city of Kobe and its history.

Kobe’s most popular harbour known as the Kobe Harborland is the best outdoor hub for entertainment and shopping alike.

The harbour even boasts a beautiful Ferris wheel that adds a nice touch to the harbour. If you are searching for a more scenic addition in Kobe, you must visit Mount Rokko.

This landmark is favoured both by tourists and locals, and is unique in its structure when compared to various other mountains scattered throughout the great nation of Japan.


Shirakawa is a small village marked by beautiful green grass and gassho houses.

Due to its size and perceived significance, Shirakawa can be somewhat overlooked by most tourists and travelers.

The overall population is actually quite small, but if you are looking for a close-knit and warm feel, stopping by Shirakawa and enjoying the beautiful flowers wouldn’t hurt.

The versatile vacations offered by Shirakawa are a huge bonus.

The unique house structures and shops can be enjoyed throughout the year, whether it be the summer or the winter.

During the colder months of the year, the village resembles a small snow globe that is whimsical in appearance and fun to enjoy.